• Biography & True Stories

      Spirit Mates - The New Time Relationship

      by Anni Sennov, Carsten Sennov

      Most people have heard of the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘twin soul’. What most people may not yet know is that the concept of soul mate refers to a consciousness realm that is about to completely disappear from the Earth in order to be replaced by the purer and more powerful spirit energy. This is creating great changes in consciousness on Earth and it also means that we humans finally have the opportunity to join together with our spirit mate. In this book the co-authors and spirit mate couple Anni and Carsten Sennov describe with love and insight the different paths and circumstances that can lead you to your spirit mate.

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      February 2015

      The Dearly Departed Dating Service

      by Rae Renzi (author)

      Joy had it all: a promising medical career, a handsome and kind fiancé, a bright future. Until it all came crashing down in one shattering moment. Two years later, nothing is the same. Joy has a mountain of debt, a boss with the barest hold on reality, and a complicated—to put it mildly—private life.The arrogant young surgeon she reviles and the pack of well-meaning but misguided ghosts don't help. Still, her idea for a new business just might be crazy enough to work...

    • Fiction
      August 2015

      Diverted Heart

      by Beth Ann Stifflemire

      Texas summers are no doubt some of the hottest you'll find. The sizzling heat of attraction encountered during this summer however is not at all what Taylor bargained for before starting college. At a crossroads between childhood and womanhood, Taylor is rummaging through the emotions of first love versus passion. Two young men, Eric her first love the college football bound hunk and Maxwell the unexpected older southern heartthrob tangle a web of desires in more than just her heart. Boundaries are tested and the scales of lust tip despite hesitations but a final decision must be made.

    • Fiction
      October 2015

      Fates Betrayal

      by Beth Ann Stifflemire

      Desire and despise. Two insanely contradicting emotions that the dark haired, well-built, irrefutably handsome musician Riley evokes in simple but attractive, fashion savvy, Austinite Brooke. Initially unequivocally turned-off by the brash but striking Riley she develops a fascination for his seductive charms as Riley reels Brooke into a world of ravenous love she never knew existed. What they create together is oh-so-much more than beautiful music. It’s a roller coaster ride of awe-inspiring and heartbreaking emotion, passion, hidden secrets and an ending that will leave you utterly breathless. The way they become eternally bound sets the heart afire when fate unleashes the ultimate betrayal.

    • Fiction
      July 2018

      Gorgeous May

      by C T Karlsson

      Maj Carrén finds herself sitting at her kitchen table one bleak October morning. She has taken a few knock-backs recently. Self-pity, lethargy and the end of the world as we know it is occupying most of her mind. Her body has swelled over the last few years, her knees suffer when they have to climb the stairs up and down to her flat every day and her desire to do things is simply not there anymore. Not even a spot of gardening can tempt her out of her hole. Iréne is Maj's neighbour and utterly determined to not let her perish with grief. Her plan is to get Maj out of the house and give the fifty-something lass a bit of a makeover. They have known each other all their lives and have always lived next door to one another, but it will soon become apparent that Maj does not know all there is to know about Iréne. The autumn proves to be intensely hectic. Maj gets to grip with the magical world of online technology and starts internet dating. Maj begins to blossom, but secrets are piling up and before she knows it, Maj is tangled up in a bunch of revelations that bring things to a head. Champagne, exclusive wines and delicious food enjoyed in the company of one's nearest and dearest, what more can a woman ask for?

    • Fiction
      June 2017

      Joyous Beauty

      by Sara H Olsson

      In the book Joyous Beauty the reader gets to meet twowomen that both face various challenges in life. Nina has everything she could ever dream of; living in the lap ofluxury in the capital with limitless funds, a husband thatworships her and a hot lover on the side too. Everythingis running along just nicely until one day a stupid slip upturns her whole life upside down. Nina seeks refuge inher home town of Hallavik, where she is forced to movein with her mum and her mum's wife. Life is pretty lousyright now. At least until she meets Johanna; a wild, liberated chef, who likes both herself and her appearance. She is down-to-earth and independent, have a lot of fun with younger guys and will do everything and more toavoid getting new neighbours. Amazing what you can achieve with some dead mice and a thong-clad, wobbly bottoms! Joyous Beauty is a light-hearted, amusing and thrillingromcom about love, emotions, lies, betrayal and sex.

    • Fiction
      November 2017

      December Heat

      by Sara H Olsson

      Christmas is approaching and the easygoing life in Hallavik isabout to enter a new phase for Nina Becker and Johanna Seger. One of them is now voluntarily divorced and happy to put herlife as a married lady of leisure behind her. The other findsherself involuntarily co-habiting and is also told there herworkplace will undergo a reorganisation process. Roles arereversed and the two women try to adapt to their new situation. To celebrate her return to the little town on the west coast ofSweden, Nina decides to throw a glühwein party and a familiar face pops up when she least expects it and Nina doesn't know how to react. He is both pleasant and handsome, but Nina knows all about his secret. Johanna can't seem to let go of her personal issues, which leadsto her celebrating a little bit too much and ends up in an intimate situation with the wrong man. December Heat is a charming and witty novel about life's ups and downs, and the sequel to Joyous Beauty, the first book in the Hallavikseries.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      Blond Boy; Red Lipstick

      by Geoff Bunn

      This is a love story, deliberately pitched at a mainstream audience and at a level far removed from the dark and often sordid world of transsexual prostitution on Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The idea is to subtly lead the reader into this setting and give them an insight into the life of a transsexual. In this first book, we meet the Narrator and Alley – a vivacious young boy with bleach blonde hair and red lipstick. The two begin a gentle romance. Issues such as homophobia are only touched upon, rather than explored fully. By the time readers finish the book, they will know the characters, be interested in them, and they will have some empathy towards and a little more understanding of transsexuals. Blond Boy; Red Lipstick is the first of two, where the sequel, already planned out, will be a darker story (albeit with a happy ending).

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      April 2014


      by Morgan, Alex

      Paula abandons her London life and travels through the night to a Scottish village where she once spent a childhood holiday. Desperate to avoid a painful loss, she tries to hide away. However, the locals are keen to know more about their unhappy visitor. Can we ever run away from the past?

    • Erotic fiction
      October 2010

      The China Bird

      by Doran, Bryony

      An art student with a love for Egon Schiele sees beauty in Edward’s twisted spine, and begs him to pose for her. This tale of secrecy, love and understanding explores our perceptions of beauty and lust.

    • Sagas
      April 2011

      The Partridge and the Pelican

      by Crowther, Rachel

      Two girls find a baby abandoned in a phone box, and the event casts a long shadow as their lives unfold through careers, marriages and motherhood.

    • Erotic fiction
      June 2011

      Seven Days to Tell You

      by Soames, Ruby

      When Kate’s husband disappeared she spent three painful years searching for him before returning to her career, her life. Marc’s sudden reappearance brings back so many questions. He asks for a week to tell his story, to prove his love. In their time apart, Kate has made discoveries. Can love forgive everything?

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      July 2009

      On Bear Mountain

      by Deborah Smith

      Dirt-poor, sensitive as poets, and proud as kings, the Powell family has lived on a Georgia mountaintop for generations. Then, during the 1960’s, young Ursula Powell’s father convinces the Tiber family, owners everything in nearby Tiberville, to commission a huge iron sculpture of a bear for the town. Decades later the strange sculpture – rejected by the townspeople and left to rust on the Powell farm – symbolizes a family’s failure and thwarted dreams. But, unknown to Ursula, it is now worth such a huge fortune that the artist’s embittered son, Quentin Ricconni, is coming to reclaim it . . . and to change everything Ursula believes about the past, the choices that break a heart, and the redeeming powers of art and love.

    • Thriller / suspense
      December 2011

      Taking A Stand

      by Ken Casper

      Homebuilder Jesse Amorado and former Air Force Captain Tori Carr come from the same Texas town but from very different worlds. When she returns home to Coyote Springs to help her father, a real-estate developer, turn the seediest neighborhood into an exclusive resort for the wealthy, Tori and Jesse immediately clash. He'll do whatever it takes to save his heritage, and she is caught up in proving herself to her father. As personal tensions rise and local trouble begins to brew, Jesse and Tori fall in love-despite it all. They soon find, however, that they must not only confront vested interests and prejudices, they have to fight for their very lives. Ken Casper is the author of more than 25 novels, including AS THE CROW DIES, book one of The Jason Crow West Texas Mystery Series. He and his wife Mary, raise horses on a small ranch in Texas. Visit Ken at www.KenCasper.com.

    • Fantasy
      December 2011

      Upon a Mystic Tide

      by Vicki Hinze

      With their painful divorce looming on the horizon, radio psychologist Bess Cameron and her soon-to-be-ex-husband, John Mystic, meet at Maine’s Seascape Inn to finalize the terms of a property settlement. Bess believes John is in love with someone else, and she’s determined to move on without him. Their marriage appears doomed until the Inn’s matchmaking ghost, Tony, and its irrepressible owner, Miss Hattie, take matters in hand. Sometimes you have to leap upon a mystic tide and have faith the sand will shift and an island will appear . . . The second book of bestselling author Vicki Hinze’s Seascape Trilogy brings readers back to the gentle magic of a place where love is always stronger than the fragile boundaries of life. Vicki Hinze is the award-winning author of 24 novels, 4 nonfiction books and hundreds of articles, published in as many as sixty-three countries. She is recognized by Who’s Who in the World as an author and as an educator.Visit her at http://www.VickiHinze.com.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      June 2004

      Only You

      by Deborah Grace Staley

      A charming romance about the lives and loves of people in a small Tennessee town. In the tradition of Debbie Macomber. "Hey, ya'll. Dixie Ferguson here. I run Ferguson's Diner in Angel Ridge, Tennessee. Population three hundred forty-five. It's a picturesque town in the valley of the Little Tennessee River, established in 1785. In the early days, its first families--the McKays, the Wallaces, the Houstons, the Joneses, and, of course, the Craigs--staked their claims on hundreds of acres of the richest bottom land anyone had ever seen. After all the years I've spent behind the counter at Ferguson's, I could probably tell ya'll a story about near everyone in town. But we only have so much time, so I'll narrow it down to just two for now. This is a story about coming home. It's also a story about acceptin' folks for who they are. You could say it's a story about Josie Allen, a librarian, and Cole Craig, a handyman, but I say it's a story about finding love where you'd least expect to."

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      June 2008

      Sweet Hush

      by Deborah Smith

      Her Harvard-student son just eloped with the First Daughter. CNN is parked on the road to her apple orchards. Secret Service agents have commandeered her country kitchen. The irate First Parents are threatening to have her taxes audited. The President's handsome, tough, ex-military nephew is setting up camp in her guest room. Hush McGillan's quiet Appalachian world of heirloom apples, country festivals, and carefully guarded family secrets has just been flipped like one of her famous Sweet Hush Apple Turnovers. What do you do when your brand-new-in-laws are the First Family, and they don't like you any more than you like them? And what happens next when you find yourself falling in love with the man they sent to unearth all your secrets? From the White House to the apple house, from humor to tears and sorrow to laughter, get ready to fall in love with Sweet Hush.

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      October 2004

      A Home For Christmas

      by Deborah Grace Staley

      Book Two in Deborah Grace Staley's series about love and life in Angel Ridge, Tennessee. Dr. Janice Thornton has been lonely for too long, especially at Christmas. But Angel Ridge, Tennessee, the one place that holds the key to what family should be, is offering her a chance at a new life. Could she find happiness by taking over her uncle's small town practice? Local contractor and carpenter Blake Ferguson comes from a big family. He'd like to fill his rambling old Victorian with one of his own. But there's one problem. He needs a wife! When Janice shows up at his house, Blake sets a course to win her, but soon finds she's built a wall around her heart this master carpenter finds difficult to dismantle. Can the magic of an Angel Ridge Christmas bring hearts home or will old hurts create an obstacle even the town's legendary angels can't overcome?

    • Romance

      A Flight Delayed

      by KC Lemmer

      Quirky and exotic! When career-focused Amanda McCree discovers that her controlling Great Aunt, as a last request, has especially asked that Amanda carry her Aunt's remains to Cape Town, Amanda is furious. The last thing she wants is to be forced to visit her parents there, after so many years of bitterness over their rejection. To top it all, she finds herself stranded at her stopover in Bulawayo due to fuel shortages! But through the love of a family that takes her into their game reserve home, the economic crisis of Zimbabwe, and a man who daily lives with his own guilt and heartbreak, Amanda realises that God is more interested in her than she had ever thought. In the heart of the African bush, as she is let into the hurting world of the handsome Caleb Jacobs and his family, Amanda is forced to face her own family divisions and to depend upon the God she thought had failed her.

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