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    • Books from Austria

      The Austrian Publishers and Booksellers Association represents the interests of Austria´s book industry in economic and political matters. The most important project of the Association is the annual Vienna International Book Fair (BUCH WIEN), in which the Austrian Book Price is awarded.

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    • Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah

      Al-Masriah Al-Lubnaniahwas established to create and maintain a high status in the publishing field and the Arab world,andalways has the aim of producing quality books in its content and shape.

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    • Amberley Publishing

      Established in 2008,AmberleyPublishingis home of the ever-popular colour local history series Through Time, Amberleyis an independent publisher of books on a rich variety of history and heritage.

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    • American Diabetes Association

      The American Diabetes Association is the world’s largest publisher of titles on diabetes care and treatment, setting the standards of patient care based on the latest research.

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    • Anness Publishing

      At Anness Publishing we have just celebrated our 30th anniversary and we are one of the largest independent book publishers in the UK having produced over 3000 titles, many of which have sold a million copies. In total we have sold in excess of 225,000,000 heavily-illustrated books, with subjects spanning cooking and crafts, gardening, new age, reference, hobbies and transport as well as a lively and successful list of pre-school activity and home study reference books for children. LORENZ BOOKS, our trade sales imprint for hardback non-fiction titles, has justifiably forged a reputation as one of the foremost imprints in illustrated publishing worldwide, with award-winning titles that cover the widest range of practical and reference subjects. SOUTHWATER is our trade sales paperback imprint, renowned for its extremely competitive pricing policy, fantastic packaging and quality, and the depth of its list. ARMADILLO is our trade imprint for illustrated children's fiction and non-fiction titles. We publish a wide range of traditional children's story books, pre-school and novelty books, as well as highly illustrated information books in the areas of science, history and natural history, and practical and creative project and activity books.

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    • Arena Verlag

      Ever since the company’s establishment in 1949, the name Arena has been standing for knowledge and entertainment, for sophisticated, informative, and simultaneously thrilling children’s and young adult fiction.

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      Aurora Metro is an independent publisher, who in celebrated 25 years of publishing with a fine list of almost 200 international authors including Germaine Greer, Benjamin Zephaniah and Meera Syal.

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    • Bastei Lübbe AG

      Bastei Lübbe AG is the largest medium-sized family company in the German publishing industry and currently offers a total of around 3,600 titles from the genres fiction, non-fiction, and children’s and YA books.

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    • Baylor University Press

      Baylor University Press are passionate about books—books that have a vocation, ones that seek to do "good."Theypublish, promote, and cultivatewisdom that will help better humanity today.

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    • Bella & Harry, LLC

      A newcomer to the children’s publishing industry, Bella & Harry publish books in an informative, interactive and exciting way to introduce children to travel, different countries, customs, history and landmarks.

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    • Bookline & Thinker

      Bookline and Thinker is based in the UK and is a non-fiction publisher of history and travel books. Their fiction, Hookline Books, lets book groups choose the novels they put into print.

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    • Bradt Travel Guides Ltd

      Bradt Travel Guides have a reputation as the pioneering publisher for tackling ‘unusual’ destinations, and producing colourful guidebooks which are entertaining as well as useful.

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    • Bregdan Publishing LLC

      Founded in Washington State, USA, Bregdan Publishing is run by author/publisher Ginny Dye.

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    • Brown Bear Books

      Brown Bear Bookspublish and package high-quality, illustrated children’sbooks for trade and school libraries. They also own Windmill Books, who publish educational material.

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    • Boutique of Quality Books Publishing

      Boutique of Quality Books Publishingis an independent publisher, comprised of its two imprints—BQB Publishing and WriteLife Publishingand combines the quality processes of traditional publishing with hands-on author involvement to bring tomorrow’s best sellers into the hands of booksellers and the reading public.

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    • Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

      Burleigh Dodds Science Publishingis a new independent publisher and its work will support academics, researchers and professionals in agricultural science address the pressing issue of how to feed a growing population.

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    • Bushel & Peck Books

      Bushel & Peck Books is the revolutionary children's book publisher with the Book-for-Book Promise: for every book they sell, the donate one to kids in need. Started in 2018 by couple David and Stephanie Miles, they publish beautifully illustrated, inspiring children's and novelty books that reimagine what a book can be.

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    • CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

      CABI (Centre forAgriculture and BiosciencesInternational) is an international, non-profit bodyimproving lives by providing information and scientific expertise to solve problems in the environment.

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    • Cambridge Scholars Publishing

      Cambridge Scholars Publishingis an independent academic publisher, founded in 2001publishing original academic work across a wide range of subjects in four key areas: Humanities and Social Sciences; Health Sciences; Physical Sciences; and Life Sciences.

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    • Cambridge University Press

      Cambridge University Press'peer-reviewed publishing lists comprise over 50,000 titles covering academic research, professional development and over 300 research journals.

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