• January 2017

      Blue Bird Short Story Collection

      by Li Jingze

      Blue Bird Short Story Collection is a collection of proses and reviews, a verification and analysis of history and also an imaginary fction. Li Jingze explored into the historical texts like an archaeologist, collecting their traces and fragments and comp

    • June 2016

      Short Story Collection: The Man Who Lost His Past Love

      by A Yi

      Latest collection of short stories by A Yi written during 2012-2015. Eight profound stories about the reality of people from bottom of the soc

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      July 2015

      Dessi Girls

      Stories by Indian Women Writers Abroad

      by Divya Mathur (Editor)

      This collection of 22 short stories from gifted writers - some new, some well known to their readers – covers a multitude of experiences in the wider world outside India. Coping with the customs and expectations in the countries where they are no

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