• April 2006

      Other Voices, Other Worlds

      The Global Church Speaks Out on Homosexuality

      by Terry Brown (By (author))

      This groundbreaking book exposes as a myth the assumption that the global Anglican Church is split between liberals in the ‘north’ and traditionalists in the ‘south’ on the issue of homosexuality. The differences between the two sides are said to be funda

    • August 1995

      Microclimatic Landscape Design

      Creating Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency

      by Robert D. Brown, Terry J. Gillespie

      Creating Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency Microclimatic Landscape Design shows designers how to work with nature to create climatically pleasant spaces for human activities. With remarkable clarity, it covers both the scientific backgrou

    • Biochemistry
      September 2015


      by Terry Brown

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