• December 2009

      Signifying and Understanding

      Reading the Works of Victoria Welby and the Signific Movement

      by Susan Petrilli

      This book introduces and provides commentary on a selection of published and unpublished works by Victoria Welby and exponents of the Signific Movement in the Netherlands. Beyond offering an important contribution to the reconstruction of a neglected phas

    • September 2014

      Sign Studies and Semioethics

      Communication, Translation and Values

      by Susan Petrilli

      This book examines the issues surrounding the problematic perpetuation of dominant sign systems through the framework of ‘semioethics’. Semioethics is concerned with using semiotics as a powerful tool to critique the status quo and move beyond the reprodu

    • July 2011

      Semiotics Continues to Astonish

      Thomas A. Sebeok and the Doctrine of Signs

      by Paul Cobley, John Deely, Kalevi Kull, Susan Petrilli

      A fully-fledged doctrine of signs, with many horizons for the future, was the result of Thomas A. Sebeok's work in the twentieth century. This volume, using the testimonies of key witnesses and participants in the semiotic project, offers a picture of how

    • May 2016

      The Global World and its Manifold Faces

      Otherness as the Basis of Communication

      by Susan Petrilli

      The Global World is a pivotal formula in present-day «Newspeak». The book’s leitmotif – if it is true that the faces of today’s global world are manifold – is that language opens to the other, that the word’s boundaries are the multiple boundari

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