• Project management
      October 2013

      The Power of the Agile Business Analyst

      by Jamie Lynn Cooke

    • Project management

      Agile Productivity Unleashed

      Proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organization

      by Jamie Lynn Cooke

      Agile Productivity Unleashed presents the range of proven Agile methods including Scrum®, Kanban, Feature Driven Development™ (FDD™) and the Dynamic Systems Development Method® (DSDM®) in clear business language. The author then devotes a c

    • Computing: general


      An Executive Guide : Real Results from It Budgets

      by Jamie Lynn. Cooke

      The true power of Agile methodologies is not technology; it is business value generation. Use Agile methodologies to turn your IT solution challenges into high business-value returns All too often, IT solutions are plagued by budget overruns, missed deadl

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