• Literature & Literary Studies
      April 2018

      Looking up at the stars in the abyss: the humbleness and pride of celebrities in Wei and Jin Dynasty

      by Bei Mingyu

      This book is a celebrity biography of Wei Jin Dynasties. The stories are authentic, which take us to review the Wei Jin Dynasties, and appreciate those interesting stories and souls

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2019

      New Journey of Great Powers

      From Economic Gaint to Economic Power

      by Zhang Zhanbin

      This book provides a general explanation of new theoretical trees, new development goals, new contradictions, and new historical missions. As a world power, how China, guided by the spirit of the Party ’s 19th National Congress of the Chinese Com

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Minorities in China

      an American University President's Photographic Journey

      by Sidney A. Mcphee

      This book is a compilation of more than two hundred pictures reflecting the traditional costumes, characteristic buildings, traditional activities, and traditional medicine of Chinese ethnic minorities. Each picture has the story behind it and the test

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2019

      Find the better self

      by Wen Liyang

      This book is a readme for a post-80s lady entrepreneur.Born in 1985, she became a part-time migrant worker after joining secondary school. At work, she pays attention and looks for opportunities; in life, she constantly learns and improves hersel

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation:

      Case Studies and Plans

      by Secretariat of the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo Organizing Committee

      China-Africa Economics and Trade Cooperation: Case Studies and Plans comes in 3 languages: Chinese(2 volumes), English(2 volumes), and French(2 volumes). This book series include 101 excellent case studies , which related to

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Study on Survival of Chinese Classical Opera

      by Wang Fuya

      The book mainly explores Chinese classical opera in terms of the existence, cutural essence and functions, artistic features, and the position in Chinese traditional culture. The author conducts study based on theories of popular culture and folk

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      January 2018

      Bamboo Engraving in Baoqing: Traditional Chinese Engraving Art

      by Zhang Zongfan

      As a national-level cultural heritage, bamboo engraving in Baoqing enjoys a great reputation. This book mainly introduces this precious engraving technique from five aspects: history, categories, materials and tools, production process, and artistic fe

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      August 2013

      Everyone Ask Everyone

      by ONE Studio

      A collection of nonstandard answers to more than 100 questions asked by ordinary people from every corner of society. These questions, such as “How to be out of ordinary?”, “Who cost the most much money on online shopping?” and “Is there a love bible?”, c

    • Biography & True Stories
      August 2013

      Resounding Words

      by Jin Xing

      The author Jin Xing is an outstanding artist in modern dance. After the transsexual operation in 1995, she has been leading a female life which is totally different from that of the former 28 years. She got married, adopted three children and currently is

    • Geography & the Environment
      May 2014

      As Dead as a Dodo

      by Shen Fuyu

      Winner of the “China’s Most Beautiful Book Prize” in 2014. Dead As a Dodo tells the stories of 30 species which have already died out or are currently threatened with extinction.

    • Fiction
      August 2014

      Let Me Always be with You

      by Zhang Jiajia

      Acclaimed writer Zhang Jiajia’s latest novel. The heroine in the story is a golden retriever named Mercy, who lives in a friendly neighborhood and has many friends. She is kind and courageous, except for the fear of leaving her owner, a man she called Old

    • The environment
      November 2014

      Next to Bugs

      by Zhu Yingchun

      A diary of long-term observation about different kinds of tiny bugs. In the book, you will find that a team of ants are marching in line and looking for food, a snail is walking in the moonlight with her baby on the back, a slug and a bee are standing fac

    • Crime & mystery
      February 2014

      No-Evidence Crime

      by Zijin Chen

      A mystery novel by Zijin Chen, a web celebrity famous for serial detective stories. NO-EVIDENCE CRIME tells a story about hunting the serial killer who tends to leave a fingerprint and a note saying “Catch Me!” at each crime scene. Except for these, there

    • Fiction
      January 2009

      Library of Chinese Classics :The Romance of West Chamber

      by Wang Shifu

      The "West Chamber" of Wang Shih-fu in the Yuan Dynasty was a masterpiece of Chinese classical opera and a masterpiece of Chinese literature. The theme of the drama is the love story of the young scholar Zhang Huan and the late Ying-Ying, the daughter of t

    • Fiction
      October 2009

      Library of Chinese Classics :The Selected Poems of Du Fu

      by Hua Zisheng

      Du Fu (712-770), China's great poet in the Tang Dynasty. After experiencing the decline of the Tang dynasty, he witnessed the changes of the current situation, created poems that reflect the difficult and livelihood problems of the people with his extraor

    • Fiction
      December 2017

      Library of Chinese Classics :Selected Poems of Libai

      by Xu Yuanchong

      Li Bai is the greatest romantic poet in our country in the Tang Dynasty. Romanticism, as a trend of literary thought, is a social product of Europe from the late 18th century to the early 19th century. However, as a traumatic method, like realism, it is p

    • Fiction
      December 2010

      Library of Chinese Classics: The Classic of Mountains and River

      by Chen Chengjin

      “The Classic of Mountains and River "is an ancient Chinese pre-Qin books, but also an encyclopedia reflects the ancient Chinese society. Its content involves history, geography, nationality, mythology, religion, animals, plants, minerals, medicine and so

    • Fiction
      September 2009

      Library of Chinese Classics :The Classic of Tea

      by Jiang Xin, Jiang Yi

      The Book of Tea is written by Lu Yu, who is hailed as the "Tea Saint." It was written in the first year of Jianzhong in the Tang Dynasty (AD 780). As the first tea in China and even in the world, "The Book of Tea" pioneered the Chinese tea ceremony and th

    • December 2014


      by Wang Qingwei

      It was the first long novel describing the Yao nationality’s life in China. The book based on DuJie, which is an ancient grown-up ceremony of the Yao nationality, introduces the life, customs and habits of Yao nationality to readers.

    • June 2016

      Chenxi’s Travel Note:The life change and travel film

      by Shi Chenxi

      If you are bored with the changeless life, if you are unhappy with the working time, but you still have dream and desire to realize it, maybe you can browse it. This is not a pot of chicken soup for the soul and not going to propagandize anything to you,

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