• Health & Personal Development

      The Power to Navigate Life

      Your journey to freedom

      by Tony Fahkry

      The Power to Navigate Life is arguably the most complete and powerful teachings on the mastering of life. It is a program like no other, with three main principles, health & well-being, personal growth and Self-awareness. It is your opportunity to

    • Family & health

      Saving your life one day at a time

      by Dr Roy Sugarman

      There are many books on improving health, and many on how to improve life, but there are not many that include both. This book does. And every so often , perhaps once a generation, a book emerges that clearly stands above the rest. Saving Your Life, one

    • Self-help & personal development
      May 2016

      Motivation for Coaches and Personal trainers

      Engaging and retaining people in positive behavioural change

      by Dr Roy Sugarman

      Dr Roy sugarman presents the second edition of his highly acclaimed work on motivation and the coaching of emotion. Dr Sugarman sets out clear strategies based in behavioral science, for trainers to forge warmer and more effective relationships with th

    • Fiction-related items

      Yogi, the tails and teaching of a suburban alpha doggy

      by Patrick Grayson

      Yogi is a funny book, one that cleverly anthrophormaphises the characters within the book. But it is more than funny and cute, it recoganises that dogs are to be treated with respect, and by doing so the owner will be returned with respect and deep love.

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2016

      All is One

      by Seth Falconer

      An extraordinary book that teaches difficult concepts in a simple way. It prescribes; Though you may not realise it, you are an artist of the highest degree. You are a potter of the finest material. Your medium is not earth and mud. You are an artist o

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2016

      The Path to Cosmic Consciousness

      Journey through initiation to enlightement in the sacred Andean tradition

      by Sally Rossiter

      The Path to Cosmic Consciousness is about self-development. It is also about spiritual development. The author's knowledge of The Sacred Andean Tradition will show how the two entwine, through equilibrium and harmony. Follow Sally's path from cautious

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2016

      The Dance of Light

      A new way of understanding the earth and all life forms

      by Steven Hurt

      The Dance of Light offers us an account of a mystically inspired vision that describes the earth as a sacred, living being. Drawing from his knowledge of African earth lore and moders mysticism, Stever Hurt shows how the ancient earth rites of our ance

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2016

      The Art of Walking

      by Marguerite Osler

      The Art of walking is a treasure trove of knowledge, practicle guiadance and inspiration. A coffee-table book of wonderful photos, graphics and sumptious writing, writing that is full of wisdom. Learn about Natures easy, strong and supple Walking patte

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2016

      Know Thyself

      Your lifeline to a life that works

      by Patrick Grayson

      Learn to control your life with this story telling teacher, who offers tales and wisdom shaped by his own difficult lifel. A life that only started to work when he learnt to trust himself and his place within the Universe. KTS is a workbook, based on w

    • Complementary medicine
      May 2016

      Second Chance

      Regaing your health with tissue salts

      by Eva F Schoenfeld

      Eva, the founding member of the Academy of Tissue Salts wrote this book for a full spectrum of users from; concerned parents to medicle practitioners to pharmacists. It explained in simple down to earth terms the need for Tissue Salts, especiall with o

    • Lifetyle & personal style guides
      May 2016

      The Irritable Working Wonan's Cookbook

      by Shea Albert

      Why is this cookbook different from all the other cookbooks? Because it is aimed at the one overlooked population of our community - irritable working woman. Steeped in Jewish food, The author offers a fresh apporoach to the preparation of meals for bu

    • Miscellaneous items
      May 2016

      Paws and Listen to the Voices of the Animals

      by Jenny Shone

      Animal communication by a down-to-earth teacher. Jenny shone has helped thousands of animals and owners with her ground-breaking understanding of the animal physic. With lessons, wisdom, case studies and photos, this book will enable anyone to communic

    • Educational material
      April 2016

      How to Write - Right!

      by Patrick Grayson

      A bright, tight writer’s guide; that is what Phillipa Glendinning wrote in the Grahamstown Festival paper Wordstock about “How to Write – Right!” She also says; this comprehensive guide is set out in a simple and easy to use &he

    • Children's & YA

      Hilhairyass Poems

      By a six year old adult

      by Medyhne Lebachen

      A few words to describe this book…really cool poems which are: Zany, kooky, crazy, wild, weird and wacky, rude, eccentric, oddball, outrageous, cheeky, controversial, masterful yet mischievous, irreverent, honest, open, direct, naughty, playful,

    • Children's & YA
      May 2016


      by Sarah (Spunky) Strydom

      The words in this book are Sarah's, or Spunky as she is affectionately known. She started to write them, in her diary shortly after her diagnosis of Ewing's Sarcoma disease, a rare form of child cancer. Spunky was eight years old at the time. Follow Sa

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      April 2016

      Trees, the guardians of the soul

      by Patrick Grayson

      A book of short stories that imparts the wisdom of the ages - appealing to all age groups. The author covers five Main topics; Positive Thinking - Nature, Animals and Earth - Self-help - Spiritual - and Bits & Pieces. Now in its fourth printing in

    • The Golden years of Somalia


      Past Somali cabinet minister and historian, Mohamed Ali Hamud documents the events of Somali history, particularly from 19th century and the 20th century. As a member of parliament, the author has first-hand insight into the happenings of those turbulent

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