• September 2015

      Nietzsche and Dostoevsky

      On the Verge of Nihilism

      by Paolo Stellino

      The first time that Nietzsche crossed the path of Dostoevsky was in the winter of 1886–87. While in Nice, Nietzsche discovered in a bookshop the volume L’esprit souterrain. Two years later, he defined Dostoevsky as the only psychologist from whom he had a

    • October 2015

      Quaternion of the Examples of a Philosophical Influence: Schopenhauer-Dostoevsky-Nietzsche-Cioran

      by Daria Lebedeva

      The philosophical influence is a concept, a methodological tool and a process worth inquiring, because it sets the frame for the philosopher’s contribution into tradition. This study takes a close look at the philosophical influence on the dependence and

    • July 2010

      Between Truth and Fiction

      A Narrative Reader in Literature and Theology

      by David Jasper, Allen Smith

      Providing students with an array of original texts spanning from the Bible into the present, Between Truth and Fiction guides the reader through exercises in interpretation and reflection. With each reading chosen to introduce

    • February 2019

      Fyodor Dostoevsky, Walker Percy, and the Age of Suicide

      by Desmond

      Fyodor Dostoevsky, Walker Percy, and the Age of Suicide is a study of the phenomenon of suicide in modern and post-modern society as represented in the major fictional works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Walker Percy. In his study, suicide is understood in bot

    • March 2019

      Dostoevsky and the Realists

      Dickens, Flaubert, Tolstoy

      by Slobodanka M. Vladiv-Glover

      Dostoevsky and the Realists: Dickens, Flaubert, Tolstoy​ offers a radical redefinition of Realism as a historical phenomenon, grounded in the literary manifestoes of the 1840s in three national literary canons (English, French and Russian) whic

    • August 2011


      Language, Faith, and Fiction

      by Rowan Williams

      Rowan Williams explores the intricacies of speech, fiction, metaphor, and iconography in the works of one of literature's most complex, and most complexly misunderstood, authors. Williams' investigation focuses on the four major novels of Dostoev

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