• Dog obedience & training
      April 2019

      Canine colleague:

      Reconciling dog and professional life

      by Christiane Wittig, Michaela Hares

      Do you want to take your dog with you to work? This guide provides many decision-making aids and arguments to persuade your employer and colleagues and tips for your own work organization and structuring your daily work routine. <

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Thinking around the corner

      Distance control exercises for a better communication with your dog

      by Katrien Lismont:

      The distance control exercises described in this book, based on a triangle shape, are essentially borrowed from the training of working retrievers, but they are of general use to enhance every dog’s impulse control and help him to get alo

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Shake paws on it!

      Smart Dog Training easily explained

      by Christine Kompatscher

      This book includes all aspects of everyday dog training: house-training, walking on leash, recall, dealing with unwanted hunting behavior, car driving, self-control, politeness training and much more. An entertaini

    • Domestic animals & pets
      February 2011

      The Practical Illustrated Guide to Dog Training

      How to train your dog in 330 step-by-step photographs

      by Patsy Parry

      The secret to living harmoniously with your canine companion is proper training, and this book covers all the basic principles that a first-time owner needs to know. Focusing on making training easy and fun, this book will help owners understand the basic

    • Domestic animals & pets
      June 2014

      Dog Training without Words

      by Liane Rauch

      Leading with an empty hand Liane Rauch - For greater harmony between dogs and owners – improving the dog-owner bond - It couldn’t be easier – a guiding hand - Innovative training concepts for every situation A trusting relationship between a dog and its o

    • Domestic animals & pets
      April 2018

      Solving Dog Problems with Training and Homeopathy

      by Liane Rauch | Christina Landmann

      Get to grips with dog behavioural problems with the aid of training and homeopathy. If for example your dog becomes fearful, anxious or jumpy, or is overactive, behavioural training with homeopathic support can be most effective. The authors show how trai

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2018

      Clicker Training straight to the point

      Mini Clicker workshop for dogs and their humans

      by Martin Pietralla, Heinz Grundel

      Clicker training is complicated? Not with this entertaining book! Now starting is easy as Dad, head of a lovable-chaotic dog family, <span data-ccp-props="{"20134198

    • Dog obedience & training
      October 2012

      Clicker Training made easy

      by Viviane Theby

      This concise book is really written to the point and provides an immedi- <div style="left: 466.059px; top: 232.481px; font-size: 16.66

    • Dogs as pets
      May 2017

      Dog and cat under one roof

      A harmonious life together

      by Tamara Nawratil

      This guidebook helps dog and cat owners to make the life together easier, to create optimal starting conditions for a harmonious relationship and gives suppo

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      The Invisible Leash

      How to control your unleashed dog

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Most dog owners dream of letting their dog run free without leash out in the green. But since we are running more and more short of free sp

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Beware of the Door Bell!

      Behaviour training for over-friendly, over-excited and overly control-focussed dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      As the door bell rings, a madly barking four-pawed chaos lounges forward and offers its bewildered owner not a chance to calmly greet his visitors- a very common scenario in many dog households. How to train your dog to politely greet visitors without

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Don’t fear the Vet

      Medical Training for Dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Many dogs show fear or even panic at the vet. This is not only disturbing for them and their owners, but also puts at risk the success of t

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2015

      Understanding and applying the rules of learning in dogs

      by Ekard Lind

      Science has evolved greatly in the past two decades as to how dogs behave and how they learn. The book provides a thorough overview and helps to understand how

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2018

      Understanding Reinforcers.

      About the use of rewards in dog trai-ning.

      by Theby, Viviane

      Rewarding a dog is so much more than just giving him some treats: Good reinforcers are really powerful instruments for installing behaviours, making training more effective and fun. Based on new scientific learning models, this book explains why reward

    • Dogs as pets

      Rambo on a Leash

      Positive training for relaxed walks

      by Reichel, Sabrina

      Many otherwise unproblematic dogs turn into a barking madness when encountering other dogs on the leash. This book explains why dogs behave this way and how to adjust this highly inconvenient behavior using entirely force-free, positive training techni

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2014

      Fidgety dogs

      Living with an hyperactive dog

      by Jung, Inga

      Help for owners of hyper-reactive and hyperactive dogs. Personal experiences of a dog trainer and lots of useful training advice.

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2011

      Help – my dog is always pulling on the leash!

      Wieder Spaß am Spaziergang mit lockerer Leine

      by Lindner, Ralf

      Your dog is always pulling on the leash? Relaxed walks are im-possible? You are not alone! The little terrier Bertie has simmered a strategy how the unnerving (for both parts!) jerking and retching can be exchanged against cheerful walking on a loose l

    • Dogs as pets
      June 2010

      The Cognitive Feel

      With Soul and Mind towards a better Understanding of Dogs

      by Beck, Elisabeth

      This book focuses on the psychology of the human-dog relationship from a new perspective. In current dog training literature and practice, one can observe two different extremes: The pure behaviorists, who pro- mote a rather mechanical view of training

    • Dogs as pets
      May 2016

      Canine Body Language

      How Dogs explain us their world

      by Wardeck-Mohr, Dr. Barbara

      If we want to understand our dogs, we have to read and interpret their body language. This book with its stunning photographs helps to sharpen our view to the different expressions and to understand why dogs react the way they do. Aggression, fear, pla

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2013


      Gezieltes Muskeltraining für Hunde

      by Mayer, Carmen

      This unique program is a combination of useful muscle- building exercises that will enhance the dog’s health and funny tricks. The “Gymnastricks” are ideal for warming up before sports, but also for elder dogs, for better body awareness in young dogs o

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