• May 1999

      Über den Schmerz

      Eine Untersuchung von Gemeinplätzen

      by Heiko Christians

      Das Buch beschreibt Schmerz als kulturelle Konstruktion, als Gemeinplatz der modernen Identitäts(-er)findung. Die Möglichkeit intensiver Schmerzerfahrung gilt als Privileg des Menschen. Dieses Privileg wird gerade bei chronischen Schmerzen zu einem Fluch.

    • September 2015

      Muslims and Christians in the Bulgarian Rhodopes.

      Studies on Religious (Anti)Syncretism

      by Magdalena Lubanska

      The book studies the role of religious syncretism in the social and religious life of Muslim-Christian communities in the Western Rhodopes. The author places emphasis on analysing the symbolic dimension and the cultural function of syncretism in order to

    • October 2016

      Hebrew between Jews and Christians

      by Daniel Stein Kokin

      Though typically associated more with Judaism than Christianity, the status and sacrality of Hebrew has nonetheless been engaged by both religious cultures in often strikingly similar ways. The language has furthermore played an important, if vexed, role

    • September 2010

      Hadrian and the Christians

      by Marco Rizzi

      The book sheds new light on a much debated issue in the field of ancient history: the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire and its relationship with Judaism in the 2nd century. The contributions collected in this volume illustrate from a multidiscip

    • April 2010

      Discourses against Judaizing Christians (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 68)

      by Saint John Chrysostom, Translated by Paul W. Harkins

      Never before translated into English, this work presents to the reader perhaps the most important source for an intensifying medieval Christian-Jewish debate.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2015

      Getting Jesus Right

      How Muslims get Jesus and Islam Wrong

      by Dr Craig Evans, Dr James Beverley

      IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MUSLIMS ARE WRONG ABOUT JESUS AND VARIOUS TENETS OF ISLAM? Is the famous Muslim writer Reza Aslan mistaken in his portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth and apologetic for Islam? Professor James Beverley and Professor Craig Evans take an in

    • September 2015

      The Ethics of Intercultural Communication

      by Bo Shan, Clifford Christians

      The revolution in media technologies and the political upheavals intertwined with them demand a new media ethics. Given the power of global media corporations and the high-speed electronics of media technologies worldwide, more and more people are either

    • January 2014

      Communication Theories in a Multicultural World

      by Clifford G. Christians, Kaarle Nordenstreng

      This volume is an up-to-date account of communication theories from around the world. Authored by a group of eminent scholars, each chapter is a history and state-of-the-art description of the major issues in international communication theory. While the

    • June 2011

      Hyphenated Christians

      Towards a Better Understanding of Dual Religious Belonging

      by Gideon Goosen

      This book aims to explore the reality of dual religious belonging and to promote a better understanding of this concept. With this purpose in mind, the author examines changes in the global religious landscape in recent decades and analyses the theory of

    • January 2017

      Pilgrim to Unholy Places

      Christians and Jews re-visit the Holocaust

      by Raymond Pelly

      Based in New Zealand, the author, an Anglican priest, made a number of pilgrimages 1995–2008 to the extermination (and other camp) sites of the Third Reich, 1933–45. These find expression in Diary entries that describe the sites as they now are and scope

    • September 2003

      Die Polizeiordnung Herzog Christians von Braunschweig-Lueneburg vom 6. Oktober 1618

      by Alexandra Brück

      Vor dem Hintergrund der gesamthistorischen Zusammenhänge werden die Regelungsbereiche der Lüneburgischen Polizeiordnung von 1618 beleuchtet und anhand der Heranziehung einer älteren Polizeiordnung des Fürstentums Braunschweig-Lüne

    • November 2002

      Moral Engagement in Public Life

      Theorists for Contemporary Ethics

      by Sharon L. Bracci, Clifford G. Christians

      Ethical evaluation of language and action has relied historically on the western, monocultural assumptions of classical ethical theory. But persistent contemporary critiques undermine the moral force of ethical agency as individualistic, autonomous, and r

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience
      October 2005

      Do Christians Know How to be Spiritual?

      The Rise of New Spirituality and the Mission of the Church

      by John Drane (By (author))

      After a century or more of convincing ourselves that intelligent people should be ‘secular’, it is now trendy to be ‘spiritual’. Why the sudden change? And what do we mean by being ‘spiritual’? John Drane presents a whirlwind tour of the phenomenon of cul

    • April 2002

      Celts and Christians

      New Approaches to the Religious Traditions of Britain and Ireland

      by Edited by Mark Atherton

      What is Celtic Christianity? How and to what extent is it Celtic? This volume aims to take a fresh look at the saints, scholars, nature poets and religious thinkers who shaped the early forms of Christianity in Britain and Ireland. Beginning with discussi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2000

      Christians and Muslims

      The Dialogue Activities of the World Council of Churches and their Theological Foundation

      by Jutta Sperber

    • Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500
      December 2015

      Christians and Platonists

      by Author(s): Theodore Sabo

    • April 2018

      Orthodox Christianity and Human Rights in Europe

      A Dialogue Between Theological Paradigms and Socio-Legal Pragmatics


      This collective book aims at examining in what terms, and to what extent, the "reception" of the Human Rights doctrine takes place in Eastern Orthodox countries, as well as in the Orthodox diaspora. A series of questions are raised regarding the resour

    • Communication studies
      January 1997

      Communication Ethics and Universal Values

      by Christians, Clifford G.; Traber, Michael;

      This volume is designed to revolutionize the field of communication by identifying a broad ethical theory which transcends the world of mass media practice to reveal a more humane and responsible code of values. The contributors, representi

    • June 2013

      The Gospel, Christians and Babylon

      Christianity as it was and is today!

      by Rolf Vaessen

      This book is written in simple layman's terms so that the ordinary people can understand today's happenings inside Christianity. Most mature Christians can identify with the Biblical explanations given in this book. Today's multitude of denominations i

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