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    • Literary Fiction
      October 2015

      The Secret Mother

      by Delderfield, Victoria

      Mai Ling is chasing the Chinese dream. She’s escaping to the city, seeking a new life, running away from the old customs of arranged marriage and domestic drudgery. The Secret Mother puts a face to the label Made in China. It tells the bitterswee

    • December 2014

      Ban Nuan Shi Guang

      by Tong Hua

      The novel tells the story of the heroine Yan Xiaochen from the campus to the city's life and emotional experience. About people's attitudes and choices in the face of pain and frustration.

    • May 2015

      That Starry Sky, That Sea

      by Tong Hua

      Bestseller author Tong Hua brings us her latest fantasy romance novel! A beautiful romance between a human girl and a merman. Love and life are the same, there are always flowers and thorns.Whether flowers or thorns, I will be pleased to accept.<

    • January 2013

      This is War: Teacher Yuan Tengfei's Lesson of WW2 1

      by Yuan Tengfei

      This book tells the story of WW2 in a clear and interesting way with historical facts. This book is totally different from any history book you have read. Readers can take a lot of joy and also understand the history of WW2 at the same time.

    • October 2012

      Reborn: Diary of a Cancer

      by Ling Zhijun

      The book is a true experience about a cancer patient who got healed gradually from verge of abyss, it also described a famous journalist who have the insight in China’s cancer healing system. Moreover, it is a motivational book, full of wisdom, courage an

    • October 2012

      Meeting the Future You

      by Zhang De Fen

      It was an easily-read, well-used and easily-learned “modern spiritual book”. “Dear, there is nobody outside, only us”. In this book, the author share her life wisdom in the area of seeking body and spiritual harmony, help us how to explore the our real se

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 2014


      by ZHANG Haiyang, Paul Richardson

      Encyclopaedia of the Peoples of China is a global project undertaken by Yilin Press and the UK publisher Greene Media. This beautifully illustrated book presents a panorama of life styles, customs, traditions and cultures of the 56 ethnic groups of Chi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2013

      Gold Artifacts of Ancient China

      by Nanjing Museum

      This is a complete catalog of Gold Artifacts of Ancient China, enhanced by 400 high-quality images. These artifacts were displayed in five famous museums throughout China, including Nanjing Museum, Inner Mongolia Museum, Shanxi History Museum, Hubei Pr

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      Symbols of China

      by Feng Jicai

      By carefully selecting 150 of the most interesting and recognizable symbols of Chinese culture, the six volume Chinese edition of Symbols of China has been condensed into this single hardcover edition of 250 pages containing an impressive 200 pictures.

    • The Arts

      Life of China 1965

      Selected Photography of Saito Koichi

      by Qin Feng Photo Studio

      This book contains photos shooting by Japanese photographer Saito Koichi in 1969, when he was in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Shaoshan in Hunan province and places in Guangdong. During his staying in China, he took lots of photos about

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2018

      Why China did not have a Renaissance – and why that matters

      An interdisciplinary Dialogue

      by Thomas Maissen, Barbara Mittler

      Concepts of historical progress or decline and the idea of a cycle of historical movement have existed in many civilizations. In spite of claims that they be transnational or even universal, periodization schemes invariably reveal specific social and cult

    • Educational material
      September 2018

      Folk Tales in China

      by Research institute

      This is a book of folk tales for children basing on the four books published before as the first edition. In order to lead children to return to the world of folk tales, to get the interest from traditional Chinese folk tales, more knowledge by reading

    • Children's & YA

      China Tales · The Proud Chopsticks

      by Ava Du

      The Proud Chopsticks tells the origin and tale of Chinese chopsticks with the story of Little Panda and his friends. Little Panda is invited to join Little Dragon’s birthday party; they will eat birthday noodles at the party, which is th

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2018

      Key Position

      China of 3000 years

      by Shi Zhan

      It's one of the best books published in 2018. 50 thousands copies were sold out w<span class="tgt" data-section="0" data-

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The Character of China

      by Lou Yulie

      The book is a master work of 50 years’ academic exploration. It is a popularization work which introduces the connotation and humanism of Chinese traditional culture. The professor from PekingU spent 50 years in philosophy studies exploring Chine

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Glimpses of Gardens in Eastern China

      by TUNG Jun, TUNG Ming (translator)

      The architect Chuin Tung introduced the classic beauty of Chinese gardens to the world through this book The interest of garden appreciation: pro

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Minorities in China

      an American University President's Photographic Journey

      by Sidney A. Mcphee

      This book is a compilation of more than two hundred pictures reflecting the traditional costumes, characteristic buildings, traditional activities, and traditional medicine of Chinese ethnic minorities. Each picture has the story behind it and the test

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation:

      Case Studies and Plans

      by Secretariat of the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo Organizing Committee

      China-Africa Economics and Trade Cooperation: Case Studies and Plans comes in 3 languages: Chinese(2 volumes), English(2 volumes), and French(2 volumes). This book series include 101 excellent case studies , which related to

    • Politics & government
      April 2015

      Ghost Cities of China

      The story of cities without people in the world's most populated country

      by Wade Shepard

      Featuring everything from sports stadiums to shopping malls, hundreds of new cities in China stand empty, with hundreds more set to be built by 2030. Between now and then, the country's urban population will leap to over one billion, as the central go

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