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      Founded in 1999, Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd. was the first publishing group in China as well as one of the first pilot units for the reform of the national cultural system. The Group is a comprehensive large-scale publishing media group integrating publication of books and journals, digital publishing, copyright trade, import and export of books, printing, art business, and so on. The Group has been taking a statewide leading position in national key publishing projects, becoming one of the enterprises generating most influential publishing culture and providing most influential content in China.

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    • Technology: general issues
      June 2015

      Leading 21st Century Schools

      Harnessing Technology for Engagement and Achievement

      by Lynne Schrum and Barbara B. Levin

      The pace of technological change picks up speed with each passing day. Educators must place the proper emphasis on technology leadership—using proven methods—if they are to prepare students to thrive in the classroom and beyond. When first published in 2

    • September 2015


      by Cao Wenxuan, Yu Rong

      On a hot summer day, a group of animals wanted to find somewhere cool and shady in the desert desperately. Once they had spotted a tree, they competed fiercely in order to stand under the shadow of it. As they were fighting for the shadow, a father and hi

    • April 2014


      by Cao Wenxuan, Yu Rong

      A story of understanding and forgiveness with illustrations that are inspired by paper-cutting art. Mr.Pang and Mr.Shou lived on two opposite sides of a river. One day, after they had a fight over some tiny matters, both of them banned their families from

    • October 2014

      Express Delivery from Dinosaur World

      by Dong Yanan

      The author, an avid dinosaur fan, has spent several years collecting, studying and researching materials about dinosaurs. With her rich imagination and innovative design, she creates an amazing dinosaur world for children. To open this book is to unwrap a

    • April 2015

      A Panda's Story

      by Tang Yaming, Susumu Kinoshita

      This picture book is about the growth of a baby panda. After his birth, the baby panda gradually learned how to survive on his own from his mother. When the panda baby finally grew into a panda boy, his mother left him alone. Overwhelmed by the feeling of

    • July 2017

      Dodomo in Wonderland

      by Leon Works, Fullmetal Fay

      Dodomo is a primary school student who is passionate, full of curiosity and dreams of being a detective. Together with his 3 classmates and his pet dog, Dodomo went through a series of amazing adventures. The plots will also encourage readers to take part

    • September 2015

      Stone Age

      by Wang Xiaoming

      Using creative storytelling, and a rich imagination, this book takes a humorous look at some of the stranger attitudes and behaviours of the Chinese. There is also some fun poked at certain aberrant cultural practices, and reflections on life plans and ph

    • September 2011

      Confucian Academy

      by Wu Zuolai, Wu Yingying

      Confucius is one of the most respected philosophers in history. His wisdom was seveloped into a system known as Confucianism. This book picks out the best life lessons of Confucius, and turns them into vivd stories that are easy for both children and thos

    • June 2011

      You're My Sister

      by Peng Xuejun

      Tao is a girl from a Miao tribe with five younger sisters. What Tao wishes for more than anything is to care for her five younger sisters and see them slowly grow up - especially the youngest sister who has just been born. Everyone calls her Liutao, excep

    • May 2016

      The Boy Living Beside the Floating Bridge

      by Peng Xuejun

      One day, Tang Mu crawls up onto the roof of his house for fun, when he hears a conversation drifting out of an attic. What Tang Mu hears fills him with fright: he thinks someone is out to kill him. Of course, it's all a mistake. He even believes that only

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Handbook of International Futurism

      by Günter Berghaus

      The Handbook of International Futurism is the first reference work ever to presents in a comparative fashion all media and countries in which the movement, initiated by F.T. Marinetti in 1909, exercised a particularly noteworthy influence. Th

    • January 2014


      Long List Arabic Booker prize 2015

      by Hisham Al Kheshen

      Set in the early 20th century Graphite is a novel pertaining to the opposites. Between the inauguration of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood clan & the liberal movements emerging in Egypt at the time the characters undergo a struggle as envisaged through th

    • January 2017

      The Marriage Tales of Geniuses and Celebrities

      by Moustafa Nasr

      This book presents the hidden aspects of marriages of geniuses and celebrities and how it affected their lives. The book is divided into two main sections. The first deals with the most famous Arab marriages and the second with international ones. The boo

    • Biography & True Stories
      October 2014

      Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist

      Fascism, Genocide, and Cult

      by Rossolinski-Liebe, Grzegorz

      "The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist" is the first comprehensive and scholarly biography of the Ukrainian far-right leader Stepan Bandera and the first in-depth study of his political cult. In this fascinating book, Grzegorz Rossoli?ski-L

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      Memory is Our Home

      Loss and Remembering: Three Generations in Poland and Russia 1917-1960s

      by Eibuszyc, Suzanna

      "Memory is Our Home" is a powerful biographical memoir based on the diaries of Roma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc, who was born in Warsaw before the end of World War I, grew up during the interwar period and who, after escaping the atrocities of World War II, w

    • Jewellery & beadcraft
      August 2018

      21st-Century Jewellery Designers

      An Inspired Style

      by Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld

      High jewellery has entered the 21st century with a spring in its step. Design has been as diverse as it has been innovative. The technical advances of the '90s and the new materials being used by this exuberant group of independent jewellers have helped p

    • October 2017

      Sissi's Death

      Ein Salzkammergut-Krimi

      by Barta, Bernhard

      Murder alert in the imperial summer resort: A body lies on the top of Siriuskogl in Bad Ischl. A tragedy unfolds, because it is the peak season and the dead person is a celebrated Hollywood star. On top of that

    • February 2017

      Mozart, Italian Opera in the 18th Century, and Musical Life in the Kingdom of Bohemia: with the Don Juan Study of Vladimír Helfert

      by Volek, Tomislav

      The Prague music historian Tomislav Volek chose to devote his scientific career in the time of communist rule above all to archival research, with special emphasis on materials of the 18th century. Along with the written and musical sources that he discus

    • April 2017

      ECHOES 2016. Studies in Austrian Popular Music in the 20th Century

      by Permoser, Manfred/Glanz, Christian

      The present issue of Echoes presents contributions on popular music in the 20th century, and thus for the second time a publication in this institute series is devoted to this broad range of topics. While in the double issue 2011/1012 the focus was exclus

    • May 2017

      The Vocal Ballad in the 19th Century

      by Harrandt, Andrea

      The ninth international musicological symposium of the Benedict Randhartinger Society, held in Ruprechtshofen on 10 and 11 October 2014, had as its theme The Vocal Ballad in the 19th Century. Beginning with the ballad as a literary genre, musical works by

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