• Fashion & textiles: design
      March 2010

      Print & Pattern

      by Bowie Style

      Pattern is everywhere. Years of minimalism have been superseded by a riot of colour and shape, whether on walls, fabrics, clothes or signage. Print and Pattern is a visual celebration of contemporary surface design. Compiled by the creator of the cult b

    • Fashion & textiles: design
      October 2011

      Print & Pattern 2

      by Bowie Style

      Patterns are everywhere. An antidote to gloomy economic times, we see them creeping over shop fronts, packaging design, clothes and home accessories. Who wants mass-produced minimalism when you can have patterns with personality? Print & Pattern 2 is the

    • Fashion & textiles: design
      August 2013

      Print & Pattern: Kids

      by Bowie Style

      The latest book from the cult Print & Pattern website, Print & Pattern: Kids celebrates beautiful surface design created with little people in mind. This book documents the work of the best designers in the field, featuring both successful commercial desi

    • History of Western philosophy
      July 2013

      Aesthetics and subjectivity

      by Andrew Bowie

    • November 2016

      Dignity and Human Rights Education

      Exploring Ultimate Worth in a Post-Secular World

      by Robert A. Bowie

      This book addresses the question of human rights education in a world that is witnessing a resurgence of religion in public life, and a continuation of religion across much of the globe, long after secularization theories predicted its decline. Promoting

    • Business, Economics & Law
      December 2017


      From Startup to Global Upstart

      by Po Chung, Roger Bowie

      DHL: From Startup to Global Upstart is the story of a startup that became the first worldwide logistics service organization, fighting regulation, trade restrictions, customs, and many other technical issues to develop processes that have stoo

    • Biography & True Stories
      April 2018

      Swimming with Stingrays

      The Other Side of Life

      by L. J. Clayden

      “I could never understand when I was five what I had done to the Germans for them to give me the measles—I didn’t know any Germans!” ‘Gentleman’ Les ClaydenAnd so begins the life story of gentleman, Les C

    • Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups
      June 2014

      Duffy Bowie

      Five Sessions

      by Kevin Cann, Chris Duffy

      Illustrates Brian Duffy's five different photographic shoots with David Bowie, documenting Bowie's career and pioneering reinvention, as well as Duffy's special relationship with the artist over almost a decade*Includes some of the most famous Bowie image

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      March 2018

      Herodotus - narrator, scientist, historian

      by Ewen Bowie

      Recently the importance for Herodotus' work of contemporary medical and sophistic thought and techniques of argument has been widely recognised, as long had been his dependence on and difference from earlier geographical and ethnographic writing. This vol

    • March 2003

      Investment Mathematics

      by Andrew T. Adams, Philip M. Booth, David C. Bowie, Della S. Freeth

      Investment Mathematics provides an introductory analysis of investments from a quantitative viewpoint, drawing together many of the tools and techniques required by investment professionals. Using these techniques, the authors provide simple analyse

    • January 1999

      Business Ethics

      A Kantian Perspective

      by Norman E. Bowie

      This book provides essential reading for anyone with an academic or professional interest in business ethics today.

    • December 2005

      The Anthropology of Religion

      An Introduction

      by Fiona Bowie

      Now available in a revised second edition, this popular introduction to the anthropology of religion combines discussion of the origin and development of debates within the field, with a look at where the subject is heading. <li style="list-st

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