• Literary Fiction
      October 2015

      The Secret Mother

      by Delderfield, Victoria

      Mai Ling is chasing the Chinese dream. She’s escaping to the city, seeking a new life, running away from the old customs of arranged marriage and domestic drudgery. The Secret Mother puts a face to the label Made in China. It tells the bitterswee

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2017

      Dear Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother

      100 letters for your Healing and Thriving

      by Danu Morrigan

      Following on from the tremendously successful You’re Not Crazy – It’s Your Mother comes a second book by its author Danu Morrigan this time comprising 100 letters written by the author to daughters of narcissistic mothers (DoNMs) offe

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2012

      You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother

      Understanding and healing for daughters of narcissistic mothers

      by Danu Morrigan (By (author))

      Do you find yourself feeling emotionally bruised, upset and confused after being in contact with your mother? Are you left doubting yourself – feeling crazy - as she remembers some incidents totally differently to how you remember them, and denie

    • Educational: Geography

      Mother Earth's Beauty: Types of Water Formations Around Us (For Early Learners)

      by Baby Professor

      Go for a swim in the fresh waters of the rivers or dive into the depths of the oceans through this beautiful picture book. This book will teach you about the difference water formations found on Earth, and the kind of living things that you can see in eac

    • Educational: Geography

      Mother Earth's Beauty: Types of Air Around Us (For Early Learners)

      by Baby Professor

      You breathe in oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide. But do you know that there are other types of airs around you, and each has its own functions? This amazing book breaks down the complexity of science into little parts that are easy for young chil

    • Educational: Geography

      Mother Earth's Beauty: Types of Landforms Around Us (For Early Learners)

      by Baby Professor

      Did you know that there the Earth is home to so many kinds of landforms? This exciting book will take you to the deepest valleys and the highest mountains in just a few minutes. Here, you will learn about the differences between hill and mountains, and po

    • Educational: Geography

      Wonders of the World: Mother Nature at Work

      by Baby Professor

      Mother Nature is definitely a wonderful provider! She gives us not only the things we need but also the things we’d love to see. This educational book is a collection of all best natural wonders of the world. Through this book, your child will get to lear

    • Religion & beliefs: general interest (Children's/YA)

      All about Mary Mother of Jesus | Children’s Jesus Book

      by Baby Professor

      This is a must-add to your collection of Children’s Jesus Book. This book is all about Mary the Mother of Jesus, a perfect bedtime read bonding for mother and children. Draw your kids closer to the holy family and set them the best examples to follow as t

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)

      Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Her Life of Charity - Kids Biography Books Ages 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

      by Baby Professor

      Mother Teresa’s life is an example of charitable living that kids should follow. The lessons that can be learned from learning about her can be used as a stepping stone towards the foundation of values. Allowing a child to read about others will pave the

    • Educational: Geography

      Mother Earth Needs A Band-Aid! Facts About Global Warming - Nature Books for Kids | Children's Nature Books

      by Baby Professor

      Global warming is the Earth’s way of telling us that it’s sick. A hole has started to appear in the atmosphere and if we don't act on it, it’ll just keep getting bigger and the world will keep getting hotter too. This book will make global warming a child

    • April 2016

      Mother Always Knows Best (At Least According to Her)

      175 Jokes for the Only Angel Who Carries a Whisk

      by Perret, Linda - Perret, Gene

      Moms have such tender, loving, caring hands . . . unless they’re brandishing a wooden spoon. Shared laughter is the highest form of tribute and respect. Mother Always Knows Best (At Least According to Her) is a collection warm, witty, respect

    • Comic strip fiction / graphic novels (Children's/YA)
      February 2013

      Mother Teresa

      Angel of the Slums

      by Lewis Helfand

      Albanian-born Mother Teresa knew from a young age that she wanted to become a nun and devote her life to God. This devotion led her to the city of Calcutta, which in the 1940s was devastated by famine, poverty, disease, and war. Thousands of homeless, sic

    • Children's & YA
      March 2015

      Longing for Normal

      by Darcy Pattison

      Longing for Normal by Darcy Pattison A boy unites an immigrant community and rebuilds his family–using a simple sourdough bread recipe. Eliot Winston, a grieving son, must convince his new step-mother – now Griff Winston’s wido

    • June 2010

      Mother Tongues and Nations

      The Invention of the Native Speaker

      by Thomas Paul Bonfiglio

      This monograph examines the ideological legacy of the metaphors, “mother tongue” and “native speaker,” by historicizing their linguistic development. Early nation states constructed the ideology of ethnolinguistic nationalism, a composite of national lang

    • October 2013

      Mother Zion in Deutero-Isaiah

      A Metaphor for Zion Theology

      by Maggie Low

      Mother Zion in Deutero-Isaiah: A Metaphor for Zion Theology offers the unique perspective that personified mother Zion in Deutero-Isaiah is not just a metaphor used for a rhetorical purpose but a cognitive metaphor representing Zion theology, a central th

    • September 2010

      ‘My Mother was the Earth. My Father was the Sky.’

      Myth and Memory in Maori Novels in English

      by Nadia Majid

      This study brings together three closely related aspects of Maori literature – myth, memory and identity. It examines selected novels by Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace in order to trace an ever-developing Maori identity that has changed considerably ove

    • January 2012


      Politics of the Personal in the Fiction of Colm Tóibín

      by Kathleen Costello-Sullivan

      This original and engaging study explores the way in which Colm Tóibín repeatedly identifies and disrupts the boundaries between personal and political or social histories in his fiction. Through this collapsing of boundaries, he examines the co

    • December 2004

      Mother, She Wrote

      Matrilineal Narratives in Contemporary Women’s Writing

      by Yi-Lin Yu

      In this enjoyable and insightful book, Yi-Lin Yu takes the heated and ongoing feminist debate over motherhood and maternal subjectivity onto a new plane – in search of a new synthesis. With its specific focus on the three-tiered matrilineal narratives, Mo

    • February 2003

      My Mother, My Country

      Reconstructing the Female Self in Guadeloupean Women’s Writing

      by Wendy Goolcharan-Kumeta

      This study is an in-depth exploration of mother-daughter relationships in the texts of five Guadeloupean women writers, both celebrated and less known. The five authors whose texts are examined are Maryse Condé, Myriam Warner-Vieyra, Michèle Lac

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