• Poetry
      October 2013

      The Gift

      Revelations from the Heart

      by Horner, Christine

      It is in your darkest moments that you discover a candle burning brightly within, illuminating your way. If you sit quietly, you realize that the Universe is speaking to you; your sacred, two-way dialogue the breath of life. As humanity's Grand Awakening continues, dormant gifts and treasures once only bestowed upon masters, saints and sages are materializing in the everyday experience of ordinary lives. In this inspirational pictorial, you are invited to explore your vast nature as the Infinite. The exquisite images and accompanying poem meet you wherever you are, imparting wisdom, encouraging you to open your heart wider than you ever thought possible into the realm of unconditional love and acceptance, for yourself and the world… www.ChristineHorner.com

    • Stationery items
      February 2016

      London Perspectives Colouring Postcards

      by Alice Stevenson

      A collection of absorbing, intricate images for creatives to colour and enhance from artist Alice Stevenson. As a native Londoner, Alice uncovers detail, beauty and inspiration in the city’s unlikeliest corners. Her unique eye has crafted these black and white images from the city’s historic architecture and hidden natural worlds. Whether they are for colouring, sending or keeping, these postcards are a unique souvenir of this extraordinary layered city. Taken from her successful unofficial walking guide Ways to Walk in London, the images feature hidden doorways, decorated arches, trailing roses, animal sculptures and parkland paths. Each postcard is a charming window through which to see a different London. These twenty unusual perspectives offer a unique experience for artists, designers and adult colourers.

    • Memoirs
      February 2017

      The Secret Lives of Ceramics

      The Stories Behind our Favourite Family China

      by Molly Hatch

      Curated and illustrated by American artist and ceramicist Molly Hatch, this beautifully produced book explores the intimate family stories revealed by single, treasured pieces from our tables and shelves. Each exquisite artwork is combined with the tale of the dish, whether it be a rescued, chipped milk jug or a gold-plated platter. Drawn from kitchens across America, the UK, Europe and Asia, as well as her own, Molly evokes different cultures and past eras, as well as detailing the personal history behind potteries and patterns. Throughout the pages there is a pervading joy and generosity; a love of gatherings and family, of patterns and china. The Secret Life of Ceramics is a book for anyone who has cherished their grandmother’s dinner service, admired cracked plates just for their pattern and memories, or asked for the story behind a beloved object.

    • Miscellaneous items
      September 2015

      Secret Garden Artist's Edition

      A Pull-Out and Frame Colouring Book

      by Johanna Basford

      From the publisher that brought you the hugely successful Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest - this special artist's edition features 20 beautiful, pull-out art prints for colouring in. Colouring fans of all ages will enjoy immersing themselves in a selection of the most popular artworks from the original book, now presented in a new, large-scale format for maximum colouring enjoyment. Each detailed illustration is printed on high-quality card and can be removed easily for framing or craft projects.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Daear 2: Ffeil Adnoddau'r Athro

      by Tegwen Williams

      A teachers' resource file to accompany the book 'Daear.2', a textbook for Key Stage 3 Geography pupils which supports studying Themes and Places, together with developing Geographical and Research skills.

    • Miscellaneous items


      by D. Geraint Lewis

      A compact and unique miscellany containing a wealth of interesting and entertaining facts, primarily about Wales and Welsh culture. An un-put-downable volume.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Daear 1: Ffeil Adnoddau'r Athro

      by Berwyn Prys Jones

      A teachers' resource file to accompany the book 'Daear.1', a textbook for Key Stage 3 Geography pupils which supports studying Themes and Places, together with developing Geographical and Research skills.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Daear 3: Ffeil Adnoddau'r Athro

      by Ann Llwyd

      A teachers' resource file to accompany the book 'Daear.3', a textbook for Key Stage 3 Geography pupils which supports studying Themes and Places, together with developing Geographical and Research skills.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Croeso I'r Baban

      Cofnod O Flwyddyn Gyntaf Baban

      by Magi Publications

      Presents a record of your baby, from before birth, through their first year of life. This journal contains space for photographs and special keepsake pockets that lets you remember important details and precious moments. A Welsh adaptation of Hello Baby!

    • Miscellaneous items

      Byd Baban

      Cofnod O Flwyddyn Gyntaf Eich Baban.

      by Little Tiger Press

    • Miscellaneous items

      Y Blynyddoedd Rhyfeddol

      Arweinlyfr Datrys Problemau I Rieni Plant 2-8 Oed

      by Carolyn Webster-Stratton

      Mae pob plentyn yn camymddwyn. Gwnant hynny am amrywiol resymau - weithiau yn syml er mwyn gweld pa mor bell y gallant fentro, neu oherwydd awydd i ddenu sylw. Mae plant eraill oherwydd eu hanian, yn anoddach i'w magu am eu bod yn fyrbwyll, gorfywiog neu yn ddi-wrando, neu oherwydd oedi gydag agwedd ar eu datblygiad. Yn yr arweinlyfr gwerthfawr hwn mae canllawiau ar gyfer atal problemau ymddygiad plant, strategaethau a fydd yn helpu rhieni i wella sgiliau cymdeithasol, emosiynol ac academaidd eu plant.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Geiriau Gorfoledd a Galar

      by D. Geraint Lewis

      An anthology linked to those momentous occasions in a lifetime- birth, marriage and death. The selections in this volume are suitable for readings in a service, or as quotes to jot on a card.

    • Miscellaneous items

      Llyfr Pen-blwydd

      Birthday Book

      by Eiry Palfrey

      A handy and beautiful little book by astrologist Eiry Palfrey. With this useful book you need never forget a birthday again. What's more, learn the traits and habits of the zodiac types, and you can choose exactly the right kind of gift for the gift for the stars in your life. Who's compatible with whom; who shares the same birthday with you?

    • Myth & legend told as fiction

      Atlantis Cards

      by Diana Cooper

    • Stationery items

      In Tune With the Moon 2012

      The Complete Day-by-day Moon Planner for Growing and Living in 2012

      by Michel. Gros

    • Miscellaneous items

      Wisdom Cards

      For Business and Personal Use

      by Diana Cooper

    • Self-help & personal development
      June 2013

      The Food and Sex Book

      Recipes and Sexipes for the Caring Cook

      by AJ Orchard

      The Food and Sex book spells out all the ingredients needed for a wide range of recipes and sexipes and clearly instructs readers what to do with them for great food and sex.The aim is to encourage creative, imaginative and adventurous treatment of food and body, resulting directly in well-being; interest for old and young alike. Something for everyone.There are 149 great recipes and when all the ideas in dice sex, oral sex techniques, orgasmic challenge, sixty nine, and orgasm on demand are added up, the 34 sexipes expand to 122 super sensuous suggestions; all organised in sections.Recipes: Meat: Red & whiteFish & seafoodVegetablesSpicySalads & mini saladsOmelettesSoupsSauces & gunksCurry powdersBBQBreakfastsSexipes: ToysAu Naturel (well, mostly)TiedOn demandThe recipes and sexipes are easy to follow, with direct and explicit language leaving nothing in doubt. The essentials that should always be on hand for good food and good sex are spelled out clearly in the introduction and the photographs are helpful, sometimes erotic and suggestive, but never prescriptive or pornographic.The food part is for thoughtful cooks; people who want to cook good food, well prepared from good ingredients. From simple dishes to the more complicated; scrambled eggs in the microwave or asparagus soup with poached eggs and pancetta for breakfast, to barbequed salmon, or ray wings in saffron milk sauce for dinner. It is about good, interesting cooking; some is quick and easy, some takes longer and is more complicated.Even those 'ordinary' fall backs chili con carne and spaghetti Bolognaise are enthusiatically included as well as the 'different' aubergine and dolcelatti sandwich, and mussels poached in cider with chorizo thyme and leek.The sex part is for thoughtful lovers, which both partners will enjoy. Women might want to select their favourite sexipes for their partners to read through prior to sex or lovemaking. Men might want their partners to read through some of the light ‘bondage’ sexipes in the ‘Tied’ section to show them that it is not all about pain, sadism, and weirdness, and to ley them know what will be happening. By following the sexipes men will also be able to show they can do bondage in an erotic and loving way, not to mention use their fingers and tongues more effectively!

    • Children's & YA
      July 2013

      Dear Daughter

      what i wish I'd known at your age

      by Roy Sheppard

      Includes a total of over 1,500 years of female wisdom from a collection of amazing women of all ages. This book is packed with practical, 'real-world' advice on what it is to be a woman in the 21st-century. What I wish I'd known about: being a woman looking after yourself improving the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy in life with self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy attitude relationships with others (friends and frenemies) sex-from 'the first time' onwards how to understand men spotting (and avoiding) the dangerous ones what no one tells you about marriage and divorce the secret 'rules' in the workplace what the rich know about money, the poor don't.

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2013

      Dear Son

      what I wish I'd known at your age

      by Roy Sheppard

      With contributions from dozens of fathers, this book is packed with practical, 'real-world' advice and wisdom on what it is to be a man in the 21st-century. It includes: the unexpected differences between 'real' and 'pretend' men the secret 'rules' in the workplace impress women without looking as though you're trying to what the rich know about money, the poor don't what you need to know about love, marriage and divorce build a solid personal and professional reputation improve the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy in life with self confidence, self-esteem and a healthy attitude relationship building with others confident conversations spot (and avoid) truly dangerous women what it takes to be a success and how to design your preferred future.

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