• Domestic animals & pets
      April 2017

      The Large Puppy Book for Families

      by Hester M. Eick

      Children and dogs living together in harmony Do you already enjoy a colourful family life at home, but still don’t want to miss out on having a puppy? With this book, you won’t have to! Hester M. Eick knows what kind of puppy will be the best for your family, and which breed will be the most suitable for your home. She gives you tips for the initial period for getting to know one another, and explains how the whole family can contribute to proper feeding, care and training, and what general principles you ought to follow. Case studies and stories from real-life situations show you how you can actively organise everyday activities with your child(-ren) and puppies, and enjoy all the ensuing fun at home in a suitably relaxed fashion.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      September 2017

      Brain Games for Dogs

      by Christina Sondermann

      Puzzle games made quickly and easily For a well-adjusted and happy dog, mental exercise is just as important as the daily walk. In this book, you’ll find many creative ideas for mental exercises that you can quickly and easily try out at home, and present your dog with a real challenge. Discover how much puzzle fun there is in everyday objects, and how you can transform an existing game into a completely new game experience – endless fun guaranteed!

    • Dog obedience & training
      April 2019

      Canine colleague:

      Reconciling dog and professional life

      by Christiane Wittig, Michaela Hares

      Do you want to take your dog with you to work? This guide provides many decision-making aids and arguments to persuade your employer and colleagues and tips for your own work organization and structuring your daily work routine. It also offers many tips how to train your dog how to behave in office: stay in place, ignore incoming visitors, keep calm when someone is knocking at the door and how to provide some activity in between. Key selling points: Increasing acceptance of dogs in offices Considers both employers and employees Training tips for dogs in daily work life

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Thinking around the corner

      Distance control exercises for a better communication with your dog

      by Katrien Lismont:

      The distance control exercises described in this book, based on a triangle shape, are essentially borrowed from the training of working retrievers, but they are of general use to enhance every dog’s impulse control and help him to get along in our modern world. The author turns this concept into a team-play to encourage focus, happy excitement, cooperation, self-control and a clear communication between dog and owner. Key selling points: Unique newly developed concept Successful training for a more patient and focused dog New ideas for qualitative activities

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Shake paws on it!

      Smart Dog Training easily explained

      by Christine Kompatscher

      This book includes all aspects of everyday dog training: house-training, walking on leash, recall, dealing with unwanted hunting behavior, car driving, self-control, politeness training and much more. An entertaining and smart dog training book, written with much heart and humour. Every chapter is opened with a short personal, funny story of the author and her dogs Smilla and Balou. Key selling points: Facts on positive reinforcement training easily explained Encouraging tips for every dog owner Training experience that really helps you in everyday life

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      January 2015

      Bach-Blüten für die Pferdeseele

      Entspannung und Linderung durch Bach-Blütentherapie

      by Brehmer, Marion

      Bach Flowers can not only help people to get back into a state of mental equilibrium: It may also be advisable for horses to take Bach Flower Remedies when they suffer from numerous complaints. Fears, learning difficulties, and numerous vices such as bobbing or weaving can be treated with Bach Flower Therapy. In this book Marion Brehmer presents all 38 Bach Flowers in detail and provides tested practical tips for their use on horses. A compilation of frequent symptoms makes it easier for the reader to choose the right flower for their own horse. For readers who wish for more expert assistance, there is an analysis sheet at the end of the book, which can be sent free of charge to the author for further analysis. *** Bach-Blüten können nicht nur Menschen helfen, wieder in ein seelisches Gleichgewicht zu gelangen: Auch für Pferde kann die gezielte Einnahme von Bach-Blüten bei zahlreichen Beschwerden ratsam sein. Ängste, Lernschwierigkeiten und zahlreiche Untugenden wie Koppen oder Weben können mit einer Bach-Blüten-Therapie behandelt werden. Marion Brehmer stellt in diesem Buch alle 38 Bach-Blüten ausführlich vor und gibt erprobte Praxistipps für ihre Anwendung bei Pferden. Eine Zusammenstellung häufiger Symptome erleichtert dem Leser die Auswahl der richtigen Blüte für das eigene Pferd. Wer auf Expertenhilfe nicht verzichten will, findet am Ende des Buches einen Analysebogen, der kostenfrei an die Autorin zur weiteren Analyse gesandt werden kann.

    • History of the Americas

      They Sang for Horses

      The Impact of the Horse on Navajo and Apache Folklore

      by LaVerne Harrell Clark

      First published in 1966 and now considered a classic, THEY SANG FOR HORSES remains the only comprehensive treatment of the profound mystical influence that the horse has exerted for more than three hundred years. In this completely redesigned and expanded edition, LaVerne Harrell Clark examines how storytellers, singers, medicine men, and painters created the animal's evolving symbolic significance by adapting existing folklore and cultural symbols. Exploring the horse's importance in ceremonies, songs, prayers, customs, and beliefs, she investigates the period of the horse's most pronounced cultural impact on the Navajo and the Apache, starting from the time of its acquisition from the Spanish in the seventeenth century and continuing to the mid-1960s, when the pickup truck began to replace it as the favoured means of transportation. In addition, she presents a look at how Navajos and Apaches today continue to redefine the horse's important role in their spiritual as well as material lives.

    • Cats as pets

      Cat First Aid & CPR

      by Denise Fleck

      Book provides overview of key topics in caring for emergency first aid in cats, including checking vitals, birthing difficulties, bleeding injuries, choking, high-rise syndrome, insect and snake bites, intestinal upset, poisoning etc.,.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Three

      How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative & Complementary Therapies

      by Dr. Monica Diedrich

      What can I do to make my pet more comfortable if he has to cope with pain, illness, or a chronic condition? How can I improve my pet s overall health? How can I tell ahead of time if something I want to try may, or may not, work? In book three of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich provides you with clear information about a variety of effective healing modalities you can easily use at home. Dr Monica shows you how to use: Flower Essences to restore spiritual balance and promote physical healing; Essential Oils to quickly and effectively transport oxygen and nutrients into every cell of the body; Homeopathy for healing based on the principle that "like heals like"; Magnetic Therapy, Massage, and Reflexology for relaxation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall well-being; Sound, in its different healing forms, to serve as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit; Colour to influence how a pet feels and behaves; Crystals as a means for focusing healing energy; Incense fragrances to heal emotional and behavioural imbalances; Animal Communication and how important it is to heal at every level -- spiritual, mental and emotional Acupuncture and Acupressure to eliminate blockages in the body's energy system; Chiropractic to correct misalignments in a pet's body; Hydrotherapy to promote healing in a weightless environment. You will also learn about how to pre-test remedies, how pets age, what to have in a first aid kit, first aid for emergencies, poison-proofing your home, and how to provide for your pet if you are no longer there.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Two

      How to Heal Your Sick, Overfed and Bored Pets with Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs and Exercise

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      Does your pet suffer from allergies or have a serious illness? Is he frequently under the weather, lacking in pep, or losing his stamina? Are you at your wits' end trying to find a remedy that might really work? Then it's time to "Do Something!" In the second book of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich not only gives you hope that your pets can heal, but she also provides a wealth of practical "how-to" information. You have no doubt heard the expression, "We are what we eat" but do you realise that's true for your animals also? The right foods, nutritional supplements, and herbs can make the difference between a vibrant and longer life for your pet, or a life filled with multiple health challenges and high veterinary care bills. This book shows you how to: Select the highest quality commercial pet foods; Prepare a natural whole food diet for your pet, when you are on a busy schedule; Monitor dietary changes; Discover the effectiveness of herbs for healing your pets; Easily administer herbal remedies; Prepare and use herbal teas, tinctures, and elixirs; Make rinses, compresses, poultices and packs to provide sweet relief; Pre-test remedies before you buy them; Engage your pet in fulfilling exercise opportunities. You will also find lists of: a wide variety of herbs and their uses; essential vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements; foods all pets should avoid; nutritional support ideas for pets with major illnesses. Plus recipes for pets with serious diseases and other health challenges.

    • Traditional medicine & herbal remedies

      Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs

      by Scott Martin

    • Self-help & personal development
      January 2012

      Your Pets' Past Lives & How They Can Heal You

      by Madeline Walker

    • Domestic animals & pets

      Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals

      by Kristen Leigh Bell

      Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils and hydrosols which are extracted from plants flowers trees seeds and fruit. Just as aromatherapy has become scientifically validated medical practice for people it has become an increasingly popular health treatment for animals. This book will fill a growing need for safe effective aromatherapy information and treatments that improve and maintain animal health as well as prevent common ailments in dogs cats and other animals. This comprehensive guide will focus on safety and common uses of essential oils application methods recipes for various ailments and in depth information on the safest and simplest essential oils to use for everyday aromatic animal care. AROMATHERAPY FOR ANIMALS is a reliable and trustworthy holistic aromatherapy sourcebook for pet owners aromatherapy lovers and all petcare related professionals. It provides the most sound and safe advice recipes and supported information available. Since no book of this magnitude and focus currently exists it will be a widely used resource and will answer a growing demand for information about this exciting and aromatic topic.

    • Complementary medicine

      Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

      by Helen Graham

      This text aims to provide the reader with information on the use of flower essence remedies in the treatment of animals of all kinds. Every year millions of family pets as well as farm animals, often physically fit and healthy, are destroyed because of unruly behaviour, incontinence, excessive noisiness, aggression, possessiveness, destructiveness and other problems. This is avoidable. A correction to the problem can be brought about by the use of flower remedies.;This book describes emotions in animals and their influence on behaviour. Each of the 38 Bach flower remedies are described with their application in the treatment of a range of domestic animals including horses. Diagnostic symptoms, animal by animal, together with appropriate treatment regimes are illustrated with case histories.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book One

      How to Communicate with Your Pets and Help Them Heal

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      There seems to be an emergency in the middle of the night, but you can't get to the veterinary hospital. Or your pet is living with a chronic condition, and veterinary medicine can't do anything more to relieve it. You are on an emotional roller coaster with worry, fear, grief and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. You wish you could ask your pet to tell you what's wrong. You want, with all your heart, to "Do Something"! Animal Communicator Dr Monica Diedrich faced this very same dilemma when her two-year-old Shih-tzu was close to death. As she lay on the floor beside him, she clearly heard him say, "You call yourself a healer . . . so do something!" She did as he requested, and he experienced an almost miraculous recovery. It was Chop Chop's heart-felt plea that then inspired Dr Monica to develop this series of books. In each book she provides a wealth of both spiritual and practical ideas to help you, as pet parents, "Do Something" when you are faced with similar challenges. In this first book in the series, Dr Monica clearly shows you how to: Engage in a real conversation with your pets about everyday things; Discover where it hurts and what to do about it; Use intention and visualisation as a catalyst for a speedy recovery; Utilise the healing benefits of aura and chakra energy; Select from among six guided meditations to help your pet to heal; Discover your own inner power to use the healing energy of love.

    • Dogs as pets

      How to Take Care of Your Dog Or Puppy

      by Denise Fleck

      This book provides an overview of key topics for care of a dog including proper ID, weekly check-ups, auto safety, training, food and water, dental, exercise, grooming, and first aid.

    • Dogs as pets

      Dog First Aid & CPR

      by Denise Fleck

      This book provides an overview of key topics for first aid with dogs including: checking vitals, birthing difficulties, bleeding injuries, heat-stroke, intestinal upsets, choking, bites, and poisoning.

    • Crime & mystery
      December 2011

      One Hoof In The Grave

      by Carolyn McSparren

      Once again, Merry Abbott has to catch a killer in the high-stakes world of carriage-horse competitions. Nothing ruins an elegant Southern horse show like finding a murdered man with a tent spike through his neck. Merry’s at the top of a long list of suspects who have plenty of reason to want the victim dead. But soon it becomes obvious that she’s also at the top of the real murderer’s next-to-die list. Climb into the carriage seat for a wild ride as Merry hunts for clues, teaches her first (and maybe last) driving clinic, tries to rein in her attraction for a handsome GBI agent, and dodges a killer. Merry Abbott’s taking a new mystery out for a spin.

    • Local history

      Cobiau Campus Cymru

      Winning Welsh Cobs

      by Ifor Lloyd

      Welsh cobs are world famous, none more so than the splendid winners of the Prince of Wales cup. Eight cobs from the Derwen stud in Ceredigion featured in this book have won the Prince of Wales cup an impressive 13 times. With photographs and details of pedigrees.

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