• General cookery & recipes
      March 2016

      Picnic Crumbs

      A Gathering of Picnics, Packed Lunches and Provisons at Home and Abroad

      by Anabel Loyd

      Picnic Crumbs is a collection of stories, from all sorts of people over several centuries, of food produced or eaten in a way that may, even when it is a banquet, just about be defined as a picnic. Writers, travellers and gastronomes of all persuasions describe picnics past, present, perfect and imperfect, in this delightfully eclectic anthology collected by Anabel Loyd, herself the daughter of a family whose picnics have been eaten by a mix of guests from prime ministers to Pekingeses.

    • General cookery & recipes
      November 2008


      A bite of Spain

      by Janet Mendel

      There is no shortage of tapas books on the market but the claim by TAPAS for special recognition lies in its idiosyncratic treatment of this familiar subject. Author, Janet Mende,l takes a tapas tour of Spain, informs the reader how to enjoy tapas in the tascas and tabernas and then shows the reader how to translate that enjoyment to one's own kitchen. Taking 140 of her favourite kitchen-tested recipes, all based on traditional Spanish products, she gives absorbing insights into regional nuances, she composes tapa-party menus and even makes wine recommendations to accompany the tapas. A handy Spanish-English glossary is a thoughtful concluding touch. "I love tapas!" declares Mendel. For her this variety of tastes, enjoyed with wine and in the company of friends, constitues the "essence of life in Spain". This is both a cookbook and a guidebook and this essence or the "tapas way of life", as she calls it in the opening section of the book, permeates every page. The choice of dishes is comprehensive but labour-intensive ones like the celebrated callos â la madrileña are avoided. Rather the emphasis is on a modest standard of skill in the kitchen. The recipes are arranged in the way tapas are prepared and served - spread on toast, stuck on a cocktail stick, in a cold salad, hot off the griddle or in a cooked dish with sauce - rather than by food category ('eggs', 'seafood' or 'meat', etc.). Thus prawns, for example, could well appear in every single chapter. Should the reader be looking for a great way of cooking a particular food, be it prawns, artichokes, clams or sausage, recipes with that ingredient should be consulted in the index. Many tapas can be turned into starters or main dishes and pointers and recommendations in this regard are provided . Also, many sauces and dressings, such as alioli and romesco, are called for in different recipes throughout the book, so these have all been grouped together. Individual recipes provide the reader with a page reference. Finally measurements for ingredients are given in three standards (metric, British and American in that order) and where British and American terminology differs the British is given first and the American follows in parentheses, for example, aubergine (eggplant) and grill (broiler). So, an individual - and very pragmatic - approach, a sparkling collection of dishes, striking full-colour photos by award-winning photographer, Michelle Chaplow andimpeccable organisation of material contribute to give TAPAS a special claim to be at the forefront of tapas books as the tapas 'revolution' maintains its impressive global momentum. Author's Note: Janet Mendel, an American resident in southern Spain, has been writing about Spanish food for more than 30 years. Her earlier book, Cooking in Spain, also published by Ediciones Santana, is considered the world's most authoritative guide to Spanish cuisine. Global rights are also availble for this.

    • Cultural studies
      July 2015

      Discovering the New York Craft Spirits Boom

      by Heather Dolland

      All The Tastes of New York introduces us to the new movement, of “Farm to Glass” through new book, “Discovering the New York Craft Spirits Boom”. The book shares the stories of 30 New York craft spirit distillers, their journey to success, and their emphasis on using locally grown products. It is an intimate look into each of their struggles, triumphs, and the decision to embark upon this journey. Distillers that distill spirits such as Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Vodka and much more!

    • Cooking for parties
      September 2015

      Domestic Chic: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide for Cooking & Entertaining

      by Kristin Sollenne

      Rising culinary star Chef Kristin Sollenne has been making headlines for her contemporary food philosophy, approachable cooking tips and re-imagined healthy dishes. Rather than the sometimes-overwhelming cookbook approach, Kristin has provided you with the ultimate go-to guide for cooking and entertaining by the seasons. With 16 pre-planned menus and over 100 recipes with innovative décor tips to coincide with holidays and celebrations during each season, this is your “one-stop-shop” to hosting a fashionably fabulous affair! Unique flavors and pairings are awakened through each menu, along with touching family stories and traditions. As a certified nutritionist, Kristin focuses on fresh in-season produce and the lavishness of each season to guide your palette. Passionate about healthy, flavorful dishes, she demonstrates a farm-to-table approach to traditional Italian style cooking. Think a modern day twist on your grandmother’s classics! Speaking of modern day – check out Kristin’s specialty line of kitchen couture designer aprons, CELLINI, and always entertain with passion and flair.

    • Food & Drink
      February 2017

      The Mountain Cafe Cookbook

      A Kiwi in the Cairngorms

      by Kirsten Gilmour

      Legendary breakfasts to fuel days on the mountain; inventive, zesty salads and indulgent and luxurious cakes – these are all hallmarks of Aviemore's Mountain Cafe. Owner-chef Kirsten Gilmour draws on her Kiwi roots to turn out contemporary dishes with an antipodean love of fresh and bold favours, and in her debut cookbook she shares her secrets and inspirations with you. The Mountain Cafe Cookbook is packed full of Kirsten's irresistible recipes for the best-loved dishes and drinks at her Highland restaurant, alongside others drawn from her grandparents and infuenced by her travels around the world.This is not diffcult, fancy restaurant cooking, but gutsy, fresh, hearty food that will taste just as good from your kitchen as from hers. With vibrant photography by Paul Masson, The Mountain Cafe Cookbook has over 130 recipes including everything from Smoked Fish Chowder, Cider Sage Barbecue Chicken, Sloe Gin & Bramble Salmon Salad and Butternut Chilli & Coconut Fritters to Chocolate & Coconut Brioche, Cardamom Oranges, Badass Brownies and Passionfruit Melting Moments. All delicious and bursting with flavour.

    • Food & Drink
      June 2017

      Brewing Your Own Craft Beer… EASILY

      by Ferdinand Laudage

      “Brew it yourself” Craft beer – everyone’s either talking about it or drinking it. Meanwhile, you can brew it yourself! This brewing guide will show you just how easy it is to brew your first, very own, very quaffable pale ale. The book will guide you step by step through all the preparations and your first brewing day, to the finished beer. You can also be creative – once you’ve mastered the basics of the ingredients and brewing process, you can develop your very own favourite beer, as well as trying out and experimenting with variations on ten further recipes for different beer styles. With checklists, tips and step-by-step instructions – compact, practical and creative.

    • Food & Drink
      March 2019

      Mother's Cooking

      by Joan Roca

      A book bringing together typical homemade cuisine with eighty simple recipes for everyone to make at home. Mother’s cooking, traditional cooking, brought up to date, but keeping its ties to the very deeply rooted need to recover and perpetuate the most authentic dishes loved by everyday people. Uncomplicated, non-technical recipes, but with Joan Roca’s special touch. The book contains three types of recipes: our mother’s dishes, the ones we’ve known our whole lives; adaptations for modern palates, with less fat or sugar; others that represent the evolution of traditional recipes with modernized flavors. The book is structured with the classic organization of recipes: starters, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, sweets. And it will give a brief introduction to basic techniques, with clear, uncomplicated explanations. An homage to all our mothers’ cooking.

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      April 2018

      Masala Mamas

      Recipes and stories from Indian women changing their communities through food and love

      by Elana Sztokman

      In the Kalwa slum in Mumbai, India, where harsh conditions make it difficult for some children to study, an amazing group of women is working to make sure that kids go to school. Meet the Masala Mamas, 16 women who live in the Kalwa slum who are dedicating their lives to providing hot meals for kids in school. Every morning, they cook hundreds of meals – hot nutritious meals from fresh ingredientsand aromatic spices. They cook with extra special love, care and dedication. Because their customers are the most important people in the world: children. These are their stories and their recipes. It is a cookbook like you’ve never seen before. It is about women, friendship, social change, Indian culture, and most of all love. All through food.

    • Food & Drink

      Weekly Plan of Starting food

      by Liu Changwei

      This book is a complete guide to starting food. It’s written by Liu Changwei who is a professional children dietitian. Baby’s parents can find the answers to the almost all of the fundamental problems easily, especially the weekly plans of starting food. There are 215 baby food recipes which are accumulated by Docter Liu by more than one year .These recipes can meet the nutrient requirements of baby( more than 6 months’ old ). There also are more than two hundreds attractive illustrations. Parents can find the nutrient information of each recipes from the topics easily. Delicious energy –giving food recipes are specially prepared for the sick baby. With the help of these recipes, baby can reply from the disease quickly.

    • Food & Drink

      First-class Sichuan Cuisine

      by Hao Zhenjiang

      This book introduce 120 authentic Sichuan cuisine clearly in detai. The classics of national banquet, not Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan snack and Sichuan hot pot are not only good to eat, but also pay more attention to nutritional efficacy with meat and vegetarian, to bring out full nutritive value of the food. This book acdepts the cooking experience of the gold medal chef for more than 20 years, has nearly 200 making of the knack of Sichuan cuisine, and the key points of each dish and knife, which can be called the example of eating and making Sichuan cuisine.

    • Food & Drink

      Taste of The Vegtable Dites

      by Li Tao

      This book starts with more than fifty stories about the original materials of vegetable dites. These charming stories not only record the process of discovering food but also moved you by authors’ unique real experience. These stores are divided into four chapter .Chapter One consists of some brief history of he vegetable dites on Chinese traditional Festival; Chapter Two describes some free growers which are treated as nutritious food now. Li Tao describes how linking our eating to seasonal rhythms can ensure a harmonious relationship between ourselves and the environment. Li Tao leads his kitchen brigade to innovate some popular traditional vegetable dites. Chapter Three introduces thrty-nine innovated delicious vegetable diet recipes appreciated by celebrity, as White Tea Mousse, Boiled Cha rice and Rice Cake in Fermented Rice wine etc are shared by some vegetarian director and actors. Chapter Four is a delightful look at the philosophy, history, and culture of tea in China and abroad. Tea is a significant volume in the study of vegetable dites and sure to become a classic in itself. Li Tao shares his experience of tea-tasing which make you think more deeply about the tea you drink, the vegetable food you eat and the life you own.

    • Food & Drink

      Infinite possibility of Creative Coffee

      by Lin Dongyuan

      Written by the Asia Barista Championship judge Lin Dongyuan, the book sheds light on general knowledge and key points of creative coffee and includes 62 recipes. No matter you are a coffee lover, barista, or candidate for a barista competition, the book can offer some necessary guidance. (Hong Kong rights sold.)

    • Food & Drink

      Infinite possibility of Latte Art

      by Lin Dongyuan

      The book contains a collection of 75 latte art designs from latte art masters according to years of experience, showing you the knowledge about coffee and latte art. Readers can gain the most practical and comprehensive latte art skills from this book.

    • Food & Drink

      The facts only Nutritionist knows

      by Wang Xufeng

      From the aspects of diet, lifestyle, sports, diseases, different groups of people, this book thoroughly expounds how to eat nutritionally and healthily. With concepts of nutrition and dietary plan, it is the best diet guide for your family. 内容简介 从饮食,到生活、运动,到疾病、人群,一书讲透吃对营养、吃出健康的生活经验,是全球千百万人都在践行的营养理念与膳食方案,是写给各个家庭的最佳膳食速查指南。

    • Food & Drink
      October 2017


      by Achim Samwald

      Fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and more Food drying and desiccating techniques are currently enjoying something of a renaissance. Through this traditional method for preserving fruit and vegetables, you not only retain all the nutrients in the food, but can also refine and transform the dehydrated products into fine delicacies. This compact guide will give you all the information you need for the different drying and desiccation techniques, optimal drying times, correct storage and ideal processing. Having mastered the basic instructions for drying fruit, vegetables, spices, grains, mushrooms and nuts, you can then begin to experiment with the comprehensive recipe section – everything from dried fruit compote to mushroom spreads and fig slices.

    • General cookery & recipes
      September 2017

      Original Grain Cuisine

      by Eva Gründemann | Kai Okrafka

      Grain in all its many facets is more than just a basic form of nutrition – spelt, quinoa and others have long since become real trendsetters. With this modern reference book, you can now discover grain cuisine in all its diversity. A total of 17 grain and pseudo-grain species are presented, with tips on how to cook with them and store them. There are also over 60 innovative recipes for every day, some of them vegan and gluten-free.

    • General cookery & recipes
      September 2017

      Bavarian and Vegetarian

      by Birgit Fazis

      Hearty, Bavarian and vegetarian – in this book, true love meets good traditional Bavarian fare with a meatless shopping list! Birgit Fazis, a food blogger and author from Bavaria’s beautiful Ammersee lake region, vividly shows how our favourite dishes from the Bavarian heartlands can be turned into mouth-watering vegetarian feasts. More than 50 recipes will win you over with a combination of much-loved classics, and other delicious titbits with a modern twist: from radish tarte flambé fresh from the oven to a bee sting cake in a glass. A small “beer garden glossary” and attractive photographs round off the book, making it a must for all lovers of Bavarian cuisine from the heartlands.

    • Cakes, baking, icing & sugarcraft
      October 2017

      Bread Baking Book No. 3

      by Lutz Geißler | Monika Drax

      Baking with wholemeal and ancient grain varieties For this new standard reference work on the topics of wholemeal baking, grains and milling, two bona fide experts have pooled their knowledge: the bread educationalist Lutz Geissler, and the miller master Monika Drax. Find out everything you need to know about different kinds of flour, and its production and uses. The emphasis is on ancient and rare grain varieties; nutritious, healthy and with a very special range of flavours. With 70 recipes developed exclusively for bread, bread rolls and sweet delicacies with yeast and sourdough – for the most part, purely wholemeal versions, with spelt, emmer, einkorn, kamut, red wheat, barley, perennial rye and light rye.

    • Beverages
      October 2017

      Mix Local – The New cocktails

      by Domenico Termine | Roman Koffer | Friedrich Springob

      Cocktails with brandies and juices from your region Local products are all the rage at the moment – but with fruit, herbs and juices, you can make not only smoothies, but unusual and delicious cocktails as well. Here, the cocktail mixers from the “Black Forest Bar Brigade” introduce the regions’ most important distillers, and present their flagship products. However, they also show what taste experiences can await you in a cocktail made with these brandies. Accordingly, anyone at home can now find out what a sip of southern Germany tastes like – with or without alcohol!

    • General cookery & recipes
      June 2017

      The Edible Garden Cookbook

      by Heike Deemter | Frederik Deemter

      Plantain lilies, magnolias, etc. – can you really eat them? Indeed you can! In their unique edible garden, Heike and Frederik Deemter cook with a wide variety of flowers, herbaceous perennials and shrubs that are mostly known as ornamental plants. Only a very few people are aware of the true, tasty delicacies that are waiting to be enjoyed in many ornamental gardens. Here, 27 plant profiles are presented together with the most important answers to questions such as what to harvest and when, and how best to prepare and eat the produce. Includes more than 30 surprisingly tasty recipes.

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